About Us

Automagical Apps are a portfolio of Google Add-ons created by John and Deanna McGowan. We are math teachers who have taught around the world.

John is a certified Google Education Trainer and the creator of g(Math), which had over 13 million worldwide users before it retired in January 2018. A math teacher of over 15 years, he loved to adapt the fail-forward mentality and push the bounds of technology integration in the math classroom. In 2016 he embarked on a new career to leave the classroom to make a greater impact on teaching and learning by making digital math easy and accessible to all. EquatIO was released last year and is the first step in that journey! Automagical apps are the portfolio of other Add-ons that John developed and launched at the same time as g(Math) to help teacher workflow and amplify effectiveness.

Deanna has taught all levels of math from Calculus to directing an Elementary math enrichment program, she provides the insight that drives to the heart of what teachers need to empower student success.