Install Addon and run

You can install Automagical Forms individually in your account (in a GSuite account your Google Admin might not let you install and you need to request them to whitelist or Domain Install for you).

To run Automagical Forms, just open the Addon and single click on the file. Automagical Forms can run on Google Docs, PDFs, images, and Google Slides.

Navigating Common Issues

Here are some ways to navigate common issues with Automagical Forms:

  • You can NOT click on a Quick Access file and have it run. Scroll down to the actual file and click on it.

  • If Automagical Forms doesn't find any questions, try to toggle the PDF was Scanned option in the Options menu.

Create Canvas Quizzes QTI

Automagical Forms now knows how to create a QTI zip file. This downloaded folder can be imported to Canvas in just a couple of clicks.

Create Form Response Template

You can create a Form Response template after you create a Form. This will allow Automagical Forms to submit a Form response from a PDF or image in a Gmail attachment!

Create Form Response from Gmail attachment

Once you have a Form Response template created, you can insert Form Responses from your Gmail attachments! Just open up Automagical Forms, choose your template, and let Automagical Forms do its magic.