FormRecycler does a great job of recycling the questions that Google lets us have access to through the Add-ons. Some information is not available, like when there is an embedded image in the question. This is where FormRecycler's Chrome Extension comes to play!

Once you use the FormRecycler Add-on to recycle questions, if there are embedded images in the question or Multiple Choice or Checkbox options the FormRecycler Chrome Extension will become ready to help :)

There is 1 caveat, FormRecycler will not be able to recycle images in questions that are recycled from a Form that is locked to Domain only. Just toggle that option off, recycle the questions, and then you can toggle it back on if you choose.

Steps for success:

1. Install the FormRecycler Chrome Extension:

2. Sign-in with Google in the Chrome Extension

3. Refresh the Form.

4. Use FormRecycler Add-on to recycle questions.

5. FormRecycler Add-on will tell the FormRecycler Chrome Extension when it is finished and will enable you to Insert Images in your Form.

6. Click the Insert Images in this Form button in the Chrome Extension.

7. The Chrome Extension will continue to insert images until it is done.