SlidesPro is a Chrome Extension that automagically helps you communicate more effectively to your audience when presenting Google Slides. The free features allow you to export the first page of the captions as a PDF.

You can export the captions to a PDF or Google Doc, including the slide navigation. Additionally, you can translate your speech to text in real time with a Power license.

Installation & Permissions

Install permissions:

  • Read and change all your data on,, and
    • These are the pages where SlidesPro works. The us-central1 is just where I run the code to make the magic happen. It is a Google Cloud Platform URL so your data is safe as it is being processed.
  • Read your browsing history
    • Wow, that sounds scary! This is broad because I need to know which URL you are on to know when you are on a Google Slide. Once you are on a Google Slides URL, I put the buttons to Translate and Export in the button bar. These are only working when you click them.
  • Communicate with cooperating websites
    • This lets me have the Options menu talk to the Chrome extension to work its magic.
  • Capture content of your screen
    • This lets me gather the information needed to make SlidesPro work. I don't save the capture data anywhere.

Once you have installed it you can use SlidesPro to Export the English captions to a PDF. (Clicking on the Translate button to start the captions.)

SlidesPro requires some Google permissions so it can work its magic with additional features. Once you Sign-in with Google it will ask you for specific permissions. This will check for a license and if you have a license you will be able to translate your captions in real-time to the chosen language and to export the captions to a Google Doc in addition to the PDF.


  • View and manage your Google Doc Documents
    • This is to create a Google Doc in your Google Drive with the contents of the captions you created. It only runs when you want to export the captions.

That's it. We never sell your data or capture any personal identifiable information. The subscription plans are aimed at supporting this product so that you never have to worry about your data being compromised.

Where do we store the license? We store the license in Firebase on Google servers based on your Google email. We don't use your direct email address and only you can access your license from the Chrome Extension when you are logged in, no one else.