FormCreator is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows you to create a Form from questions on your Google Sheet. This is really great to easily and quickly make smaller quizzes from a Test bank or to make similar quizzes for multiple sections of the same class!

1. Begin by clicking on Setup Sheet in the menu. FormCreator will then setup the FormCreator Questions Template sheet for you.

2. Populate your questions in this template.

3. Check the questions you want to include to create your Form.

4. Click on the Create Form in the menu and enter the Form Title and choose to make the Form a Google Quiz with the point values you entered in the Sheet.

5. Wait for FormCreator to automagically create your Form

6. In the Success menu, click on the Edit Form link to open the Editable Form or the Published Form link to open the Published Form.

Some things to note:

  • You can create 30 questions for free per week. The quota updates weekly around 11pm Pacific Time on Saturday. You can Buy Unlimited questions per week in the Add-on with pricing details here:
  • If you already have a sheet called FormCreator Questions Template, FormCreator does not like this and will not Setup your sheet. Please rename the existing sheet or use it as the template.
  • You can rename the FormCreator Questions Template sheet to anything you like after it is created and you will be able to choose this sheet in the Create Form window.
  • If you do not enter any point values for a question and choose to Create a Form, FormCreator creates the question with 0 points.
  • If you had embedded image items, you will need to use the FormRecycler Chrome Extension to insert them once you open the Edit Form.

Details required for certain question types:

  • For CHECKBOX, LIST, and MULTIPLE CHOICE questions list the choice 1 per line in the choices column (Column H).
  • For GRID questions 2 rows are required in the Begin Choices options. The first row is the Row headers. The second row is the Column headers.
  • The IMAGE question type is looking for =Image("imageURL") in the ImageURL column.
  • The SCALE question type is looking for the Lower Label in Column H, 0 or 1 in Column I, Upper Label in Column J, # in Column K where # must be 3-10 inclusive.
  • If you used formIngester and had a VIDEO item, it will not know the VideoURL as we cannot obtain that through Google Apps Script yet.

Please let me know if you are having issues and I will try to rectify them as soon as possible.