Slides Translator is a Google Slides Add-on that can translate from one language to another. It will automatically detect the language of the selected text and provide a translation in the selected language.

*Now Voice Type in many languages!*

Use the voice type feature to automagically insert your voice to text in over 60 language dialects.

Translate Text

Slides Translator allows you to click on a text box or slide and translate that text to any language and display it in the sidebar. It does not alter the original slide deck in any way. You can copy and paste the translated text into any place you choose.

Voice Typing

There is a new Voice Typing option in Slides Translator that allows you to speak in many languages and have it voice type in the Sidebar or in the floating window!

Privacy Policy

What does Slides Translator ask permission to do?

  • View and manage the Google Slides presentations that this application is installed in.

Slides Translator needs access to the current presentation to get the Text that you want to translate

  • Connect to an external service (* new as of April 4*)

Slides Translator added a new Voice Typing option as of April 4. We use Google Analytics to improve the app. We anonymize the user's email address before sending it over to the Analytics server. To clarify, we store no Personal Identifiable Information (PII), we just record how many times certain things are done in the Add-on. We will never know the email address of the person using it unless you contact us and tell us, only then can we match up the anonymous email.

  • Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications.

Slides Translator uses Google's Language API to translate your text and then it puts the translation in the Sidebar.